Perm Reg'd
Temperament 1st
The Blues
The dogs that I'm training, at the moment.
Cedarstone's Elfin Sprite Can/Am CDX, RA, CGN AmRN
Sprite is working in Utility aka Futility.
He is a soft, shy dog who needs a lot of boosting to his self confidence.
But he can also decide that he's not going to 'play that game' any more.
I have spent many, many years in the conformation ring titling my dogs. When this pair came along, I decided these would be the 1st of mine not to have a conformation title.
They are worthy so every now and again I think I should pop them into the 'meet the standard' ring.
But I get over it and we go for another training session.

Cedarstone's Pixy Dust Can/Am CDX, CGN, RA, Am RN 

Pixy is a happy and sensitive girl.
She likes to work - sees it as playtime more than work.
A year lost to having puppies has left her behind her brother.
She'll start working in Utility in 2014.